Thursday, May 29, 2008


We had such a fun trip to Cali. I am so glad Steve was there. Disneyland was the best. Dylan seriously LOVED it. I am glad that so much of my family was able to go. Too bad Grandma and Grandpa had to work, though!

The Fam! We are waiting to go on Buzz Lightyear.

Johnny and Baby on Space Mountain.

Nana, TLG, and Snake.

So tired! Dylan seriously fell asleep eating the sucker! The funniest part was Dana accidentally woke him up, and I swear he was still asleep with his eyes open, cuz he started making movements with his mouth like the sucker was still in it! Then he started licking his fingers like they were the sucker. HA! He did it for like 2 miutes! I felt bad so I gave him back the sucker.

Me and my honey on Space Mountain. Good thing when we got in line, the line marker said it would only be 20 minutes! Um, it took over an hour! It was well worth it though.

Dana wanted to take a "stroll."

Me and Jaci.

Hehe, I took a picture of the picture from Splash Mountain. Yes, Johnny is as far forward as possible without falling out.

Things got Crazy on Splash Mountain! Some splash wars and what not, which was fabulous cuz it was a very hot day. This was the aftermath.

In line for Thunder Mountain.

Dylan and Lilly in Minnie Mouse's house! I think that ToonTown was a HUGE favorite of Dylan's. He still talks about Mickey's house!


David and Cate said...

Disneyland? So jealous! Looks like yall had a great time! I love the lollipop picture- too funny! :)

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

LUCKY! I wish we were there with you guys! I want to take Maddox to Disneyland so bad! I'm glad you got to go with the fam, looks like you had a blast! You and Steve are such cute parents! Dylan and the lollipop-hilarious! Evidence that he had the best day ever!

Heidi said...

JEnn!!!! I have been blog surfing... and I found you! How the heck are you? where are you living? come check out our family blog...

I love finding everyone on here! Hope all is well! Ill be adding you, if that is okay!

Heidi said...

HOLD UP.... are you really in Colorado? So am I... why has it taken so long to find you? where are you? we are in Brighton, just NE of denver. this is way too crazy!!!

Jenn Borland said...
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