Thursday, April 3, 2008


A picture of JR warming up. It was fun to have the courtside experience for their warmups. Unfortunately Melo and AI warm up in their practice gym. It was still fun. I have been to more pro sports games this year than my whole life put together. It's been really fun....thanks to Steve.

David and Cate. Najera and Kleiza are in the background warming up.

Life is tough when you are sitting so close to the floor!

Here's David, Cate, Hazel, and me Courtside for the nuggets warm ups! It's true, my husband hooks it up!


Borland family said...

So, I told mom last night that we asked ANdrew what he wanted to do when we went to Colorado his answer.. I want to ride in the back of Grammy's car to a Basketball Game. I think Steve is fast becoming a favorite uncle:) I told him we'd ask but not to get his hopes up. We'll see you in 2 days

Anonymous said...

so rad! that would be way cool to work with pro sports! i am so excited to meet you guys, i can't wait to see you at the wedding. if steve can't make it then hopefully next winter liz and i will come to go snowboarding and we'll visit!