Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disney's Finding Nemo on ice!

The fam at Finding Nemo...

Here's Gavin...he had a lot of fun too!

Uncle David, Dylan and Dad.

A picture of when Bruce the shark is chasing Dory.

Dylan absolutely LOVED Finding Nemo on Ice! He had so much fun. He actually would yell out "Nemo" when he would go off stage, scared that he was not coming back! He knew some of the words (scary) and had a blast! It was more fun to watch Dylan rather than the show!


Betham Family said...

Dude, Steve can't even help being such a gangsta. It's like mad pimperish spirit fingers.

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

Sooooooooooooo cute! That sounds like so much fun! I totally remember when my mom and dad took me to shows like that! Look at you- Parents of the Year! Your family pic is so cute! Can you believe we're parents?

Jenn Borland said...

Ha, you are so cute. I know it's pretty crazy when you think about it! PS No, I won't untag you. :-)
You don;t have to do it though if you don't want to.