Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Karaoke Jam

Crazy lyrics! That's right, it was a Karaoke Jam! Johnny and Dana came to visit from SoCal and you know we had to bust it out! We even got Steve to rock the mic one time! The winner had to be Dylan!


BeckyB said...

Super cute! Do they make Disney music for the game? That would be so fun! (not for me as I do not sing, but for the kiddos....)

Katie said...

I agree, that would be sweet if they had The Lion King!!! Lovin the pics! We miss you guys sooo much, I wish that we had the money to fly up to see ya...oh well, some day! Dylan is so freakn cute, he looks like a pro at the karaoke!Give those babies a kiss from their Aunti Katie :)!